Jonas Gavelis

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  • Sr. Technical Product Development/Marketing Director with 10+ years of experience in managing application development and marketing strategies to ensure global acceptance of newly developed products. 
  • Extensive experience in working closely with cross-functional teams including application developers, marketing teams, application publishing entities, and global vendors throughout development and marketing projects. 
  • Previous experience includes development of marketing and development KPI analytics to facilitate and visualize decision-making efforts using data-driven strategies. 
  • Experienced in global application deployments and development of marketing efforts to bring application user base from a singular region to a global engagement. 
  • As a permanent resident I’m legally authorized to work in the United States.

Professional Experience: 

10/2021 – Present 

Product Development Manager at The Boeing Company, Los Angeles, CA, United States

  • Managing the Exostar 787 SCMP supply chain system enhancements
  • Managing the Exostar BSCP supply chain system enhancements
  • Organising the development of the Data Collection System (DSC OPS)
  • Organizing the transfer of the Safelink system from RnD to IT

12/2020 – 10/2021 

Head of IT Delivery at Planner 5D Ltd., Lithuania, Europe

  • Transformed product development process to Scrum-based ideology. 
  • Maintained project communication and documentation using JIRA and Slack. 
  • Added feature and bug prioritization process to testing and development processes. 
  • Maintained AI Development and R&D teams throughout new product development of AI solutions. 
  • Scaled team to 26 developers and implemented remote processes. 
  • Launched refactored Windows application to the Windows store to comply with Windows store updates (3D changed from DirectX to Unity 3D).
  • Successfully integrated CI/CD to the process to ensure developers, testers, and managers are able test each code improvement in the process.
  • Successfully outsourced QA process to third party service providers.
  • Managed data collection software change to BigQuery.
  • Facilitated outreach initiative and developed communications with Apple, Google, and Microsoft which resulted in an invitation to Apple London. 

06/2019 – 12/2020

Head of Product / Product Development Manager at Surfshark Ltd., Lithuania, Europe  

  • Owned the process of developing DNS clients based on DNS over HTTPS, DNS over TLS, and DNS Crypt from zero to marketplace. 
  • Developed marketing and product development teams, strategies, and technical procedures. 
  • Worked closely with cross-functional teams throughout application development and product marketing project lifecycles. 
  • Owned the process of VPN streaming infrastructure for unlocking streaming (HaProxy, Sni Proxy, Residential proxy).
  • Improved process of VPN capacity and load balancing.
  • Performed market and technical research on VPN features to ensure developed product was created to current industry standards. 
  • Lead resolution and mitigation of technical issues involving IKEv2 DNS bug, Smart DNS for TV’s, etc.
  • Developed analytical KPI’s to assist in decision making processes regarding product features, marketing decisions, and project milestones. 
  • Lead global analytics testing efforts consisting of A/B testing with a focus on Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). 
  • Successfully launched Trust DNS application to Android Google Play and Apple App Store shortly before the product was featured by TechRadar –

06/2015 – 06/2019

Product & Marketing Director at Planner 5D Ltd., Lithuania, Europe

  • Solely responsible for management of Product Development and Marketing strategies throughout project lifecycle. 
  • Managed design, development, marketing strategy, and release of Planner 5D mobile and desktop application product, which was published to Google, Microsoft, and Apple application stores.
  • Developed team of application engineers, developers, marketing managers, publishers, affiliate marketers, and vendor teams to ensure global awareness to the product. 
  • Adjusted product technical specifications from cross-platform to native technologies (SceneKit, Libgdx, DirectX, WebGL).
  • Strategically shifted initial application user base from one single country to a global user base. 
  • Launched Windows Universal Application which grew from 0 to 1M+ downloads and was featured by Microsoft Windows app store.
  • Led Planner 5D PR initiatives included in Forbes, Washington Post, Digital Trends and many others.
  • Introduced a B2B solution to the market with successful clients such as Benson for Beds, Woods Furniture.



ISM University Management and Economics

Bachelor Diploma of Business Administration and Analytics