The Process

  1. Ideation: In this phase, I work closely with the client to gather ideas and discuss their vision for the product. It’s important to clarify their goals and expectations and refine these ideas to ensure we are on the same page.
  2. Business case building: To ensure a successful product launch, it’s essential to analyze the competitive environment thoroughly. I research the strengths and weaknesses of products on the market, evaluate their business models, and identify potential gaps in the market that our product can fill.
  3. Solution prototype and design: Once we have a clear understanding of the product requirements, I work closely with the business analyst to develop a prototype and design that meets those requirements.
  4. Team building: I assemble a dedicated team of in-house and outsourced developers and other necessary resources to work on the project. A successful product team consists of a product manager, at least one backend developer, and one or more developers for each platform.
  5. Product development: I follow agile principles and scrum project management principles to develop the product with key features as quickly as possible. Then evaluate and test the product to ensure it meets market needs. Alternatively, I can work according to waterfall principles upon request.
  6. Marketing and communication: I help clients develop the right marketing strategy to ensure the product’s success. I prepare materials that meet Google App Store and Apple App Store requirements.
  7. Market launch:It’s crucial to have a go-to-market strategy that maximizes the product’s chances of success. I often test products in similar markets before launching in the intended market to ensure a successful launch.
  8. Maintenance: Once the product is launched, I conduct A/B tests to optimize the product and make it as profitable as possible. I also provide ongoing support to ensure the product continues to meet market needs.