I’m quick to learn new systems or software, but here are the tools and skills I’ve gained from working on different products.

Product Management Skills

Product Management SkillsToolsCompanies
Scrum ceremoniesJIRA, Azure DevOpsPlanner 5D, Surfshark, Boeing
User stories writingJIRA, Azure DevOps, GitLab Issues, GitHub IssuesPlanner 5D, Surfshark, Boeing
Product planningJIRA, MiroPlanner 5D, Surfshark, Boeing
Product roadmapsPowerpoint, MIroPlanner 5D, Surfshark, Boeing
GANT diagramsMS Project, Merlin ProjectBoeing
RICE feature prioritizationGoogle Sheets, MS ExcelPlanner 5D, Surfshark
Documentation WritingConfluence by AtlassianPlanner 5D, Surfshark
iOS/Android app publishingGoogle Play Console, Apple iTunes ConnectPlanner 5D, Surfshark
Windows UWP/macOS software publishingWindows and Apple iTunes ConnectPlanner 5D
Integrating and setup newslettersSendy + Amazon SES, Listmonk, MailChimp, MailerLite, SendGridSurfshark, Planner 5D
Issues related newsletters solvingGlockAppsSurfshark
Setuping Chain emails and auto followupsYesware, GMASSSurfshark
Mailling list cleaningHunter.ioSurfshark, Planner 5D
Integrating AnalyticsGoogle Analytics, Google Analytics 360, DevtodevPlanner 5D, Surfshark

General Management skills

OKRs seeting and trackingGoogle Sheets or MS ExcelBoeing, Surfshark
KPIs setting and trackingGoogle Sheets or MS ExcelPlanner 5D, Surfshark
Presentation skillsMS Power Point, Google SlidesPlanner 5D, Surfshark, Boeing
CommunicationSlack, Mattermost, WebEx, Google Hangout, MS Teams, Zoom, MiroPlanner 5D, Surfshark, Boeing
Business DocumentationMS Office, Apple iWorks, Open Office, Goole DocsPlanner 5D, Surfshark, Boeing
Recruiting IT teamLinkedin, Facebook JobsPlanner 5D, Surfshark
Setup sales teamPipedrive, SugarCRM, Trello, Google SheetsPlanner 5D
Sales automationSalesForce, YeswarePlanner 5D
Setuping support teamFreshdesk, ZendeskPlanner 5D
Setuping application testingAirTablePlanner 5D
Recruiting testersUpwork, Google Play Console, TestFlightPlanner 5D
Leading software developmentAzure DevOps, GitHub, GItLabPlanner 5D, Surfshark, Boeing
Leading video productionUpworkPlanner 5D
Leading translationsGengo, TethrasPlanner 5D, Surfshark
Leading copywritingLocalisePlanner 5D, Surfshark
Leading online trainingUdemy, Youtube, VimeoPlanner 5D
Outsourcing design, copyUpwork, Fiverr (voice overs)Planner 5D, Surfshark
Implementing affiliate marketingAffise, HasoffersPlanner 5D, Surfshark

Boeing Company Related Skills and Tools

Organizing Scrum ceremonies (standups, sprint planning)Azure ADOBoeing
Organizing knowledge transitionGitLab, AzureADOBoeing
Compliance documentation writing (Recovery Planning)LDRPS client, BASICSBoeing
Getting and giving access to Boeing systemsSTAR, MARS, ADTOOLBoeing
Testing web applications with barcode and proximity scannersGryphon Barcode Scanner, Proximity Reader, Zebra TC51Boeing
Requesting services from Boeing teamsGSEP, OCMPBoeing
Transferring an application from non-IT to ITSharepointBoeing
Writing requirements for applicationsAgile DeliverablesBoeing
Request and Setup SharePointSharepoint, GSEPBoeing
Getting GARA assessment approvalGSEPBoeing
Request and setup Azure ADO for the teamGSEPBoeing
Request and setup File SharingGSEP, MarsBoeing
Request and setup mail boxes (GL, GM)MARSBoeing
Risk AssesmentRisk Cube, Risk PlateBoeing
Setup app support (AEUS)GSEPBoeing
Setuping monitoringGSEPBoeing
Setuping testingGSEPBoeing
Getting status of server complianceDCIX, ServerScanBoeing
Creating big file sharing spaceFile ShareBoeing
Data CollectionDCS(OPS), GOLD Tooling, GOLD MaterialBoeing
AttendanceDCS(OPS), DCSBoeing
Getting testing devicesMobile team, AirWatch, Workspace OneBoeing
Publishing SoftwareSoftware Express, AirWatch, Workspace OneBoeing
Getting services from OCMP teamGSEP, OCMP web, Azure DevOpsBoeing

IT Skills

IT skillsToolsCompanies
HTML writingNotepad++, Sublime, Visual Studio Codepersonal web projects
CSS writingNotepad++, Sublime, Visual Studio Codepersonal web projects
PHP code editingNotepad++, Sublime, Visual Studio Codepersonal web projects
WordPress setuping and editingNotepad++, Sublime, Visual Studio Code, WordPress IDEpersonal webs
MS SQL requestsMS SQL Sever Management StudioBoeing
MySQL requestsPhpMyAdminpersonal web projects
Command line controlLinux Command Line, macOS terminal, SSHSurfshark, early career
DNSMasq setupingDNSMasqSurfshark
Web server setupingLAMP, WAMPpersonal projects
Code VersioningGit, GitLab, GItHubSurfshark, Boeing, Planner 5D
FTP accesssFTP, Mozilla FileZillapersonal web

Design Skills

Design SkillsToolsCompanies
UX design improvingMiro, MS Visio, OmniGraphBoeing
User Interface Design DrawingFigma, AdobeXD, SketchBoeing
Design testingUserTesting, Figma, InVisio StudioPlanner 5D, Surfshark
User interviewsZoomPlanner 5D, Boeing
User flow testingSmartlook, FullstoryPlanner 5D, Surfshark
A/B testingFirebase A/B testing, Google OptimizeSurfshark, Planner 5D
3D modelingSketchup, Planner 5DPlanner 5D
Image EditingPhotoshop, Pixelmator ProPlanner 5D, Surfshark
Video EditingFinal Cut, Pro, Adobe Premier, iMovie, MS Movie MakerPlanner 5D
Advertising creating and editingPixelmator Pro, Canva, KeynotePlanner 5D, Surfshark

Analytics skills

Analytics skillsToolsCompanies
Analytics tools integrationGoogle Analytics, Devtodev, Appsflyer, FirebasePlanner 5D, Surfshark
ReportingPower BI, Looker, Google Data Studio, CrystalSurfshark
Data agregatingBigQuery, MySQL, MS SQLSurfshark, Planner 5D

Product health monitoring

Product MonitoringToolsCompanies
Monitoring web services and APIUptime Robot, PingdomSurfshark, Planner 5D
Grafana dashboard slicing and setupingGrafanaSurfshark
Website speed monitoringPageSpeed InsightsSurfshark, Planner 5D

Testing Skills

Testing skillsToolsCompanies
Writing testing casesGoogle SheetsPlanner 5D, Surfshark
SOAP messages testingSoap UIBoeing
Testing automationSelenium WebBoeing, Planner 5D
API testingCharles ProxyBoeing, Planner 5D
Network testingWiresharkSurfshark
Smoke application testingMobile DevicesPlanner 5D, Surfshark, Boeing
Regression testingDevicesPlanner 5D, Boeing
Android app testingFirebase, Android Studio EmulatorSurfshark, Planner 5D, Boeing
Testing different OSOracle VM Virtualbox, Docker, VMWare FusionBoeing, Surfshark, Planner 5D

Marketing Skills

Marketing skillsToolsCompanies
Advertising campaign launchingGoogle AdWords (Advertising), Facebook Ads, Apple AdsSurfshark, Planner 5D
Seacrh Engine Optimizatin (SEO)Ahrefs, Google Webmasters ConsolePlanner 5D
App search optimization (ASO) App store console, Google Play consoleSurfshark, Planner 5D
Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)Google Optimize, Firebase A/B testsSurfshark, Planner 5D

Technology Implementation Skills

Technology Implementation SkillsToolsCompanies
Augemnted RealityApple ARKitPlanner 5D
3D applicationsApple ScenekitPlanner 5D
Virtual RealityGoogle DreamsitePlanner 5D
Machine Learning (Artificial Inteligence) Planner 5D
Visual Recognition Planner 5D
BarcodesGryphon scanner, Zebra Handheld devicesBoeing
Proximity and NFC readersRFIDeas PcProx RDR-6081AKUBoeing
Hanheld barcode scanning computersZebra TC51, MC9300Boeing
VPNWIreGuard, IKEv2, OpenVPNSurfshark
Smart DNSBind DNS, Netflix StreamingSurfshark
DNS over TLS and HTTPS Surfshark
Material designGoogle Material Design GuidelinesPlanner 5D
Apple HIG designApple HIG GuidelinesPlanner 5D

Last update: 09/27/2023